Program Requirements
  • The following requirements to complete the Honors Program must be met by all students:
    1.  2 honor credits in 9th grade

    2.  2 honor credits in 10th grade

    3.  2 honor credits in 11th grade
    4.  2 honor credits in 12th grade

    5.  4 additional honor credits earned at any grade level

    6.  10 of the honor credits must be in the academic areas of English, Math, Social Studies or Sciene

  • The Honors Program is open to all students who meet certain requirements.
    Students may enter the Honors Program at the beginning of the ninth grade by:

    1.  Having achieved the upper 50% of basic on all 8th grade LEAP Tests

    2.  Having achieved a C or better overall average in the 8th grade

Class Ranking
    Graduating seniors will be ranked according to an unweighed cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for transcript purposes.
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