WHS Special Curriculum Offerings
  • Gifted Education

    On the secondary level (grades 9-12), students identified as gifted will take classes within the regular education program. A student will choose which classes will be accelerated (honors) and which will not. The teacher of the gifted will serve as a master teacher and will guide the student through curriculum choices throughout high school. Students will receive gifted special education services in the context of a gifted class each year that will address a progressive curriculum designed to address areas of giftedness and provide preparation for post-secondary activities.

  • School-to-Work Program

    The School-to-Work Job Placement Program was developed to provide high school seniors, through an elective course, with a cooperative work/training program. Through the cooperative efforts of the Tech Prep/School-to-Work Programmer, vocational teachers and employers, students will recieve academic and vocational instruction in conjunction with on-the-job training related to their individual career paths, job needs, and career goals.

    To qualify for the program, a student should:

    1. be 16 years old
    2. be entering his/her senior year
    3. have parental consent
    4. maintain a "C" average
    5. provide his/her own transportation
    6. have satisfactory school attendance and disciplinary record

  • Vocational Education

    In keeping with Federal regulation, many established vocational opportunities in Iberia Parish Schools are offered to middle and secondary students without regard to race, national origin, sex, or disabling condition through such courses as Business Education, Technology Education/Industrial Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences, Welding, Drafting, Agriculture, Nursing, Small Engines, and Cabinetmaking. Details on vocational courses are available through the school principals or guidance counselors. Related questions of inquiry into the nondiscriminatory policies of the Iberia Parish Board may be directed to the Assistant Superintendent at (318) 365-2341.

  • Tech Prep Curriculum

    Employers today are demanding highly skilled people in the work force. Every employee should have the ability to understand the rapidly changing technologies and complex processes in the workplace.

    Tech Prep prepares students for high-skill technical occupations. Tech Prep prepares students to go directly into the workplace after graduation or to continue study in a technical program at a vocational institute or college.

    Career clusters are provided in the student Career Guidance Folders. These clusters suggest courses to take at each grade level in the areas of Business and Office Occupations; Education and Social Sciences; Industrial and Technical Trades; Health and Human Services; Design, Art, and Comunication Occupations; and Science, Engineering and Natural Resources Occupations.

  • Pharmacy Tech

    A pharmacy technician is a highly trained person that works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and performs many pharmacy-related functions such as filling prescriptions, compounding oral solutions, ointments, and creams, preparing IV mixtures and chemotherapeutic agents, ordering medications, and billing.
    The Pharmacy Tech course is taught by a Registered Pharmacy Technician. The student will learn about the PTCB national exam, federal laws that govern the pharmacy, pharmacology, aseptic techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, and pharmacy operations. The program utilizes pharmaceutical speakers and resources from local pharmacies. The student can job shadow and/or complete a ninety hour internship in a pharmacy. The course is a valuable step for the student who seeks a career in pharmacy.
    The student who completes the program and passes the PTCB exam will gain national certification. The student who applies to the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy and completes 600 hours of pharmacy technician work in the pharmacy will then be a registered pharmacy technician.

    at least 17 years of age by January of your graduation year
    a minimum overall GPA of 2.5
    a minimum GPA of 3.0 in science and math courses
    an ACT score of 20 or a minimum overall GPA of 3.2
    take and pass PTCB national exam

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