Name: Jared Johnson
D.O.B.: October 16th, 1996
Nicknames: J-Rad, Dynaon, Airen
Title: President / Venus Knight Jared is known as a man of many words, but that's mostly because he really has no idea how to shut his mouth. Taking the baton passed to him from Jeremy and various other seniors, he leads the Chess Club with a steady hand, but one that is quite firm when things aren't going as planned. He is notoriously known as being one who enjoys lots of fun, but can get serious when a job needs to be done on demands.

Jared's accomplishments go back to the age of 14, when he first learned how to write. In the past three years, he has managed to publish his very own book, which is also known as M.O.D.E. This miniature biography will be updated with a link to this site. Jared has also evolved through his years in the profession of web design, learning to use server side technology to create his very own software.

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